Some of our latest projects

SalesIQ commissioned by DSV

operative range: logistics | warehousing | POS materials | marketing

Sales IQ was developed as an addition to existing ERP’s to easily manage Point of Sale materials. The software manages everything from forecasting through control, production ordering, stock allocation and shipment. Due to its modulair set-up, the software can easily be adapted to accommodate different logistic assignments, f.i. ‘finished goods’.

Digimex commissioned by Anticimex

operative range: pest control | government auditing

Digimex, a digital registration and monitoring system for the modern pest control company. The flexible webbased portal provides easy to use reporting and analysis tools to monitor locations and keep the pest in check.

ROCAbroad commissioned by ROC West-Brabant

operative range: education | travel | internship

ROC Abroad is a ‘hands-on’, fun to use online application that enables students to organize and document their overseas internship. It provides tools and information to apply for a (European) subsidy and finding a suitable intership location. Next the tool guides students through the steps of producing a scholary report and enables them to inform other students and their family about their internship.

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