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ROC West-Brabant was looking for a way to monitor students during their internships abroad in a modern fashion which would connect and engage students.


After diving into the target groups of the platform and discussing their wishes combined with the requirements for a platform that would substantiate subsidy requests for students abroad, we went to the drawing board. To engage students we went for a social media approach with which the student is led through simple steps to complete the reporting of the internship.

Our idea was to break up the conventional reporting into a modern, social media like way while still reporting the various topics necessary to substantiate their progress. This would prevent students from creating large and boring report documents at one time, but break up the workload into seperate parts which can be filled in throughout the internship.

With blogging/vlogging instead of creating a pages thick document, students can connect and share experiences with each other, while building a portfolio in the meantime.

Key to success was also having the option to create these posts on any device anywhere, wether it is on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.


ROC Abroad is a student platform which monitors students during their internships abroad. Students can share their knowledge and experiences with other students and family during their adventure, while creating a portfolio to substantiate their skills and lessons learned.

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