Customers say we are
different. They are right.
This is our manifest

We’ll often take the users side

An application that doesn’t work because users don’t know how to operate it, is a waste of time and money. Dycken builds software with the user in mind. his/her role in the process is crucial.

No going with the flow

Going with the flow does not lead to progression. in order to be successful one needs to be critical. We will tell you in a polite way if we don’t agree. We’ll talk and we’ll go forward.

Not merely a supplier

We do not get great results being merely a supplier. To get to the core of a question and the fastest way to results, we need to team up. We’ll need you to be our best.

Feedback let’s us grow

Some of the best insights come when you least expect it. But they often come as a result of feedback from within the organization.

We are pretty easy going people

We get results when we have fun working for and with you. If we don’t match we don’t need to bother.

Just saying...

We thrive on making great applications together with inspiring clients. To get to the core
of your question and then create the best solution for it, is a great way to spend our time.

Our proposal [this is free]

Let’s meet and talk about your question. This is free!*
We’ll get to know each other, we’ll give you a strategic analysis and our thoughts.

Then you are able to decide whether we are your new friends who are going to improve your business. We are confident!
*free depending on where you are of course…
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