Managing and reporting pest control
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Managing and reporting
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Anticimex is a modern pest control company. By using new technologies and sustainable solutions Anticimex strives for a healthy, pest-free environment. Anticimex is located in 18 different coutries.

Anticimex provides these services to customers by creating a pest control plan and scheduling periodical inspections performed by the technicians of Anticimex. During these inspections, the technician checks the environment and the bait stations for signs of pests.


The registration of these inspections and the reporting of the results required a modern solution. With this solution, the employees of Anticimex should be able to easily perform their daily tasks, assisted by a digital solution.

The customers of Anticimex should be able to view the status of their location with trends and reports generated from the inspection results. These reports and trends will also be audited by government officials.


Digimex is the digital platform used by Anticimex to provide their services for their customers. The employees of Anticimex use Digimex to register and monitor the pest situation. These results are compiled into reports and trends, providing the customer with extensive insight into the status and potential risks of pest.


  • Comprehensive tablet software solution to assist the technicians of Anticimex during their daily tasks
  • Easy to use management environment for the office employees of Anticimex
  • Extensive reporting and trend analysis tools to provide in-depth views
  • Map views providing a status overview of the monitoring system
  • Auditing report modules generating the necessary reports necessary during government audits
  • Automated alert module, with which customers can request assistance of Anticimex in case of need

Anticimex SMART
Intelligent pest control around the clock

Anticimex SMART is an intelligent system that keeps an eye on things you don't want to see. By constantly monitoring and instantly reacting, it prevents costly infestations in an environmentally-friendly way.

Anticimex SMART is narrowly integrated in Digimex to display live status updates and alerting parties to potential catches and alerts from the SMART sensors providing 24/7 protection.

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